Rent Our Single Room Package

Appropriate for dorm rooms, hotel rooms, and very small apartments.

Cost: $200/day or $900/week


– 1 GTH eMaster Electric Heater (8 amps per element, 48 amps total)

– 1 Greentech Axial Fan

– 1 “Bed Bug Heat Treatment Field Guide” by Michael R. Linford, Ph.D and Tom Underhill Jr.

Pick up equipment from Rochelle, IL (25 miles from Rockford, 77 miles from Chicago) or we can arrange for delivery in all fifty states at your expense.

E-mail or fill out the following form for more information or to check availability.

Before renting equipment:

Ensure that you have adequate electrical power to run the heater and fan. Find out where your breakers are and how much electrical output they have to ensure that you are not attempting to use too much power per breaker. If you do not have adequate electrical power, please ensure that you have a generator prior to treatment.